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Windy Harbour is a holiday & fishing settlement situated on 190 hectares of a Crown reserve, surrounded by D'entrecasteaux National Park on the south coast of Western Australia about 27km south of Northcliffe. Approximately 220 cottages have been developed on individual leases since the early 1900's.

Some of the attractions at Windy Harbour are beautiful walking tracks where you can enjoy the wildflowers in season or some beachcombing along the sandy beaches. There are good fishing opportunities both on and off the beach. You can catch whiting and herring and if you have access to a boat, a variety of different species of fish are available while reef fishing.

Salmon Beach is beautiful and if you are looking for somewhere to do some beachcombing or if you are into surfing or swimming, it is ideal. It would be wise to speak to locals about the water and its habits before you start surfing though!


There is a stunning purpose built, hard-stand walkway along the rugged limestone cliffs, past the lighthouse and beyond. A photographer's paradise and excellent for the nature lover. In season, you can watch migrating whales just off the coast, as they breach the water and put on a dramatic display.

Access to Windy Harbour is via a sealed (bitumen) road from Northcliffe, that's suitable for all vehicles.



















Karri Valley Chalets, Pemberton cottage / chalet accommodation for the discerning guest...