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Pemberton is set in a valley with a backdrop of spectacular Karri forests of the Gloucester National Park and lush green pastures of rolling farmland. With its cool Mediterranean climate, crystal clear streams and rich soils, the scenic diversity and atmosphere of Pemberton is unrivalled.gloucester_tree

Visitors can indulge in the taste sensations offered by a number of restaurants, cafes and wineries, some of which specialise in fresh gourmet food and home grown produce. Recreational activities such as canoeing, fishing, swimming, mountain biking and bushwalking are popular pastimes. The town lies on the Bibbulmun Walk Track which winds through some of the most beautiful stands of Karri forest.

Pemberton is in the heart of tall timber country, and its timber heritage is maintained through several galleries that produce unique handcrafted works. A visit to the museum in the Pemberton Visitors Centre will provide you with some local history and an insight into the hardships the first European settlers endured when establishing farms and communities in this area. The township eventually established itself permanently as a result of a federal government contract to supply railway sleepers for the establishment of the trans-continental railway, which saw the construction of the timber mill, still in operation today. It is interesting to note, that railway sleepers were also supplied to the UK for the establishment of the London Underground railway, more commonly known as 'the tube'. More recently, Pemberton has become a popular destination for enthusiasts of outdoor sports such as bicycle riding and adventure four wheel driving, not to mention those who simply love the enchanting atmosphere of the only Karri forest in the world.

Pemberton adjoins the Gloucester National Park, with its towering Karri trees and clear rivers. The Gloucester National Park also contains  The Cascades, where the Lefroygloucester_climbers Brook tumbles over a series of rocky shelves, which vary from a gentle flow in mid-summer, to a raging torrent in winter.  The rocky rapids provide a place for an outdoor lunch, a leisurely stroll, or a few peaceful hours of fly fishing. There are four other national parks surrounding the Pemberton area, each offering spectacular natural attractions.

The district bursts into colour with the onset of the wildflower season in Spring (August - October are the best viewing times), lending a magical charm to the area.  It is home to two magnificent climbing trees; the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree, a dizzying 75 metres high, and the Gloucester Tree standing 61 metres high.  The Gloucester Tree, is probably Western Australia’s most famous karri tree, towering above the forest surrounding Pemberton.  Visitors can climb both trees for sensational views of the surrounding karri forest.


Pemberton is an exceptional destination for the 4WD enthusiast. The D’Entrecasteaux National Park covers 118,000ha with some rugged and secluded four wheel drive tracks. The Yeagerup Dunes, the largest mobile inland sand dune system in the Southern hemisphere, offers adventurers the chance to challenge their skills at 4WD driving when climbing the vast mobile sand dunes which are steadily moving inland swallowing up forest lakes and woodlands at a rate of 5 metres per year. Even if you don’t have a four wheel drive vehicle of your own, Pemberton Discovery Tours will take you on an amazing adventure amongst the sand dunes and out to the mouth of the Warren River on the Southern Ocean.

Warren National Park covers 2982 hectares in the heart of the karri forest, south-west of Pemberton on the Old Vasse Road. It protects magnificent virgin karri forest along the valley of the Warren River. The one-way Heartbreak and Maidenbush trails follow alongside the Warren River, sometimes meandering level with the water and sometimes looking down from high above it. The bubbling rapids of Heartbreak Crossing and the Warren Lookout, offer a scenic picnic spot along the trail.


The Pemberton Tramway Company offers an unforgettable 1¾ hour return service from the Pemberton train station. The trip takes passengers past the Pemberton Saw Mill and descends deep into the Karri forest.  The tram meanders through the forest, crossing six bridges, stopping at the Cascades and at the Warren River Bridge where the Lefroy Brook joins the Warren River.


Beedelup National Park is at the rear of our chalets and you can walk through pristine old growth forest to Beedelup Falls, where the Beedelup Brook flows for 100metres over steep granite rocks. The falls are in full flow during winter and spring but can be viewed year-round along the walk trail and boardwalks. There is wheelchair access to a viewing platform overlooking the falls. For the more adventurous there is an upstream bridge with water gushing just centimeters below your feet or the spectacular suspension bridge at the base of the falls.


 A series of walk trails lead off from Beedelup Falls and take you to the Walk-through Tree, Karri Valley Resort and around Lake Beedelup. The Bibbulmun Track also links tobeedelupfalls the site and offers a pick-up and drop off point for walkers.


Beedelup National Park was named after Beedelup Brook, which has been shown on plans since 1875. It was most likely derived from the Nyoongar Aboriginal word beedja meaning sleep, so beedjalup would mean place of rest, which is appropriate since Beedelup is a popular and peaceful recreation area.


The Karri Forest Explorer Drive is a well sign-posted scenic drive that loops through many of Pemberton’s attractions, including lookouts and wineries.


Pemberton is an idealic place to base yourself for all the Southern Forests region has to offer. It still has that quaint country town feel about it and is not overly commercialised, unlike some of the other more 'touristy' towns in the south west region, as we are told by many of our guests!




Karri Valley Chalets, Pemberton cottage / chalet accommodation for the discerning guest...